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Yuen's Martial Arts

Coquitlam Martial Arts for the whole family!

Yuen’s Martial Arts in Coquitlam was founded in 1986. Our martial arts classes offer a unique combination of techniques and principles from various martial arts styles, including Tae kwon do, kickboxing, Brazilian jui jitsu, karate, arnis, weapons training, self-defence and other combat sports. This provides our students with the opportunity to develop as balanced martial artists.

Yuen’s Martial Arts offer family and individual programs to suit your needs. From as young as 4, our students learn in a fun, safe and positive environment that combines martial arts, character development and life skills.

We have many families that train together! Both parents and children can get in the best shape of their lives while learning valuable and practical self defence techniques. We’re committed to strengthening the mind, body and spirit of each student that walks into our martial arts schools. Ultimately our goal is to build and foster unity in families, workplaces and the Tri-City Community that we serve.

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Our Martial Arts Team


Mr. Yuen - Founder, Master Instructor at Yuen's Martial Arts

The Founder of Coquitlam's Yuen's Martial Arts is Mr. Kelly Yuen.

Mr. Yuen is a life-long student of the martial arts having started more than 50 years ago, at age 11, with judo.

Mr. Yuen holds the title of Grandmaster in Tae Kwon Do, having achieved a 7th degree Black Belt under the CMAF and a 6th degree Black Belt under Master J.C. Kim.

Mr. Yuen has achieved an 8th degree Black Sash in Yeung Chuan, training under Sensei Steve Smith and the Art's Founder, Master Yeung (a teacher of Bruce Lee).

Mr. Yuen has achieved a variety of other martial arts designations in Modern Arnis, Small Circle Jiu Jitsu, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Balantwak.

When it comes to a love of and passion for martial arts, its hard to find a more dedicated teacher than Mr. Yuen.