Yuen's Workout Videos

Mr. Trestin - 001

A quick, fun workout video With Mr. Trestin as a guest instructor.

Mr. Trestin - 002

A second quick, fun workout video With Mr. Trestin as a guest instructor.

Little Champions - 001

A quick, fun workout video for kids and parents to do together and stay active while staying at home during the current COVID situation.

Teens & Family - 001

An engaging workout video for teens and family students. Get that heart pumping and keep the cardio going until you're back in class.

Jr. Beginner & Intermediate - 001

A great workout to start things off for junior beginner and intermediate students. Following will be some practice of Dan Gun.

Jr. Beginner & Intermediate - 002

Continuing from the 01 video we will continue practice of Dan Gun.

Little Champions & Advanced - 001

Another workout and practice video for Little Champions and Little Champions; Advanced. Practice makes improvement!

Yuen's Buns of Steel - 001

A workout to end all workouts. Get that rear in gear with this conditioning video that will give you buns of steel and allow you to kick like a mule.

Yuen's Legendary Legs - 001

A leg workout to end all leg workouts. You've got two legs so this will be twice as hard as a one leg workout.

Yuen's Great Grappling - 001

Grappling practice to take you from good to great. Practice makes improvemnet.

Yuen's Self-Defense - 001

Self-Defense practice to hone your skills and get you in tip top form.

Yuen's Weapons - 001

Weapons practice for all levels.