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School Bullying

School Bullying Statistics

School bullying, harassment and violence is increasing according to the Canadian Red Cross and Public Health Agency of Canada.

  • Up to 18% of boys and 8% of girls report having been in 4+ fights in the past year.
  • Boys experience more direct forms of physical school bullying, girls more cyber and indirect social bullying.
  • Toronto junior high and high schools reported 49.5% of students had been bullied online.
  • PGAC reported that 4–12% of boys and girls in grades 6 through 10 as having been bullied once a week or more.
  • School bullying for boys peaks in grade 9 at 47%, while girls have peaks in grades 6, 8 and 9 at 37%
  • Over 70% of 13–15-year-olds surveyed reported having been bullied online.
  • 44% of 13–15-year-olds reported having bullied someone else at least once.

With statistics about school bullying, harassment and violence like these, parents and caregivers must do something to help protect bullied kids and avoid perpetuating the cycle of creating school bullies that exist. Yuen's Coquitlam martial arts school addresses bullying in a proactive way by teaching kids and teens a well rounded martial arts curriculum and that ensures they are self-aware, confident, self-assured and able to defend themselves if they have a need to protect themselves or their friends. Bullying is not just a problem for the bullied student, school bullying affects entire families and groups of peers. Canadian teachers have ranked cyberbullying as their issue of highest concern out of six listed options with 89% indicating that bullying and violence are serious problems in our public schools. Bullying and harassment at school often result in a loss of interest in school activities, more absenteeism, lower-quality schoolwork, lower grades, and more skipping/dropping classes, tardiness and truancy. This creates the potential for school bullying to be perpetuated by kids and teens who report lower academic achievement levels or negative feelings about the school environment and who are more likely to be involved in bullying themselves. Many of those students who are bullied do not report the bullying out of fear, peer pressure or embarrassment. Yuen's teaches a variety of life skills that are intertwined with our martial arts and self-defence classes. Yuen's introduces and reinforces ideas and concepts that build self-esteem, self-reliance and self-worth while putting into perspective ideas related to peer pressure, social exclusion and other physical and non-physical forms of bullying. If your child has been a victim of school bullying, violence or harassment, give our Coquitlam martial arts school a call and see if martial arts is something that your child, yourself or your family would be interested in. Set up an appointment, come down and watch for yourself how classes are structured, the skills introduced and the fun everyone has while learning to protect themselves.

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