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Coquitlam Martial Arts Classes for Adults.

Tae Kwon Do

Yuen's adult martial arts program is based on Tae Kwon Do. To maximize its effectiveness, we integrate other martial arts and self defence disciplines to deliver a well rounded experience. Our martial arts classes integrate escrima, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, grappling and various self-defence techniques including weapons training.
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Yueng Chuan

Named after Master Fook Yeung (Bruce Lee's Seattle teacher), Yueng Chuan is a multi dimensional fighting art that combines both hard and soft styles with multiple layers and levels of learning. Principles of body structure and kinetic motion create effortless power and students develop the ability to move smoothly under pressure.
Best Martial Arts Adult Classes in Coquitlam

Yuen's martial arts classes for adults are instructional as well as physically challenging. Like our other martial arts programs, the training curriculum is broken into quarterly cycles with monthly testing. Adult students tend to have higher demands on their time so our class structure is focused on efficient and effective training standards.

Coquitlam Martial Arts Classes for Adults in Coquitlam

Expectations are mostly self-structured. We want you to set and review your time frames and any physical limitations or existing injuries so that your journey towards black belt is achievable and injury free. We hope and expect that you find a way to shed your day's challenges when you step onto the mat. Learning is fun, enjoy the journey.

Adult Martial Arts Programs in Coquitlam

If the destination is your black belt then the journey is the training that goes into its achievement. Along the way you will learn a lot, about yourself, your abilities and the available opportunities that await you with effective goal setting, determination, practice and actualization. One step at a time. will get you there and its worth it.

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